7 Reasons Why Soy Wax Candles Are Way Better Than Paraffin

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Candles come in many different types. Some are made from paraffin, others from beeswax and more from soy wax.

Looking at the labels on the candles you have at home, you’ll probably find that you have some of each.

While these waxes are great for making candles, their differences are fundamental. Soy wax is considered the best for candles because it burns cleanly, doesn’t leave any residue, and is non-toxic. Paraffin wax is often preferred for its ability to hold a flame longer and for its moisture resistance. Beeswax is also commonly used to hold heat and burn cleanly.

Here are seven reasons why we always prefer soy wax to paraffin wax candles:

Soy Wax Is 100% Natural

Soy Wax is made from soybeans, with only natural ingredients and is a renewable resource. Petroleum, which is used to produce oil and gas, is the source of paraffin wax. Since it’s a fossil fuel, it’s not sustainable.

Candles Made From Soy Wax Emit Less Soot

All candles give off soot, but soy wax emits less soot than paraffin wax under the same conditions (length of wick, draught, etc.). While cheaper than soy wax, paraffin wax burns hotter and emits more smoke.

This soot can darken the colour of your candle holder and sometimes get on your walls, furniture and curtains, especially if there’s a lot of airflow that moves the soot.

You can tell the differences between soot from soy candles and paraffin candles just by looking at them.

Soy Wax Is Non-Toxic

Paraffin wax gives off more than just soot. It is commonly used in candles, cosmetics, and other personal care products. Unfortunately, paraffin wax contains several toxic chemicals, including benzene, toluene, xylene, and formaldehyde.

Soy wax, however, is a natural wax derived from soybeans, a plant we eat. Soy wax doesn’t contain any of these harmful chemicals. So not only is soy candles safer for our families, but it’s also safer for the environment.

Soy Wax Burns Longer

Soy candles are also less likely to drip than paraffin ones and last longer. If everything else is the same, a soy wax candle will burn 30–50% longer than a paraffin candle.

Again, this depends on the wick’s height, width, length, and other things about the candle. To get the most out of your soy candle, trim the wick to 6 millimetres before lighting it again.

Ensure the candle doesn’t burn for more than four hours at a time. Keep the candle away from draughts; if the wick moves as the wax melts, put it back in the middle.

Soy Wax Has A Lower Melting Point

Paraffin wax has a high melting point because of its crystalline structure. This means that it takes a lot of energy to break the bonds of the molecules within the wax. This makes paraffin wax hard and brittle.

Because soy wax melts at a lower temperature, it can be burned more easily in chilly environments or during the colder winter months.

It is also less likely to burn you if you knock it over. Soy wax is softer and more pliable than paraffin wax. Be aware that soy wax can melt on its own during sweltering weather.

Soy Wax Has A Stronger Smell

Soy wax candles are made from soybean oil, which is naturally scented. When paraffin wax burns, it gives off chemicals that can negatively affect the scent, which defeats the purpose of lighting a candle.

You can also add your own scents to the soy wax candles. This allows you to create a custom scent that suits your mood.

Soy candles are ideal for any occasion. They’re affordable, easy to light, and burn cleanly. Soy wax is also non-toxic, making it safe for kids and pets. You can even make your own soy wax candles at home!

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